Here are some very exciting and interesting samples of JBoss WebServices which helps us to understand how to make use of JBoss server provided tools like “”, “” ..etc also the JBossWS Web Service Framework provides for every supported stack (including CXF stack).

The following link may be very useful to start with JBoss and WebService development and trouble shooting :

All JAX-WS functionalities provided by JBossWS on top of JBoss Application Server are currently served through a proper integration of the JBoss Web Services stack with most of the Apache CXF project modules.

Apache CXF is an open source services framework. It allows building and developing services using frontend programming APIs (including JAX-WS), with services speaking a variety of protocols such as SOAP and XML/HTTP over a variety of transports such as HTTP and JMS. JBoss integration with CXF can be found in the following link:


  1. Implementing UsernameToken in WebService with Basic Authentication in JBoss AS6
  2. Implementing UsernameToken in WebService WITHOUT Basic Authentication (pure wsee)
  3. How to Develop WebService and use @HandlerChain Annotation in JBoss AS7
  4. Accessing Http Headers using WebService Operation In JBoss AS6
  5. EJB based CXF WebService with Basic Authentication in JBoss AS7
  6. Basic Authentication in WebApp Based CXF WebService JBoss AS7
  7. CXF Client side Tuning Parameters and disabling Chunking in JBoss AS7
  8. Developing Spring based CXF WebService in JBoss AS7
  9. Getting WebService Statistics using JMX in JBoss AS7
  10. Sending Attachment using MTOM on spring-cxf webservice in JBoss AS7 —– Seems Bug
  11. Resteasy and JPA with Hibernate as Provider in JBoss AS7
  12. Apache CXF Client Side Logging in JBoss AS7
  13. Apache CXF Service with Complex Type in JBoss AS7
  14. RestEasy WebService & RestEasy Client with CDI injection in JBoss AS7


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