Wow, that was the first word which came out of my mouth when I saw the number of participants for the giveaway. This giveaway was one of the biggest giveaway on Orkut Sharing because of the number of participants. Frankly speaking dint really thought that I would get such great response. I guess new orkut is really a hot topic from last few days.

So now lets talk business who are the valid participants for the first giveaway of new orkut version. It was a tough competition guys and we had to take this decisions to be fair enough to everyone.

For this giveaway we would also consider all the participant who has posted their Twitter Id instead of Twitter status but only if they have Tweeted about this giveaway.

Let the count down begin:

Total number of comments – 81

Number of comments excluding duplicate comments and non participants – 58

Total number of comments which are valid for this giveaway – 35

The following list are of valid participants who had given their name, email id and tweeted about this giveaway by giving Twitter status / Twitter id . The same order was input into Randomizer list of

  1. Rishi –
  2. Priscila Vieira –
  3. Pranjal Shrivastava –
  4. Smriti Tripathi –
  5. koushik tripathy –
  6. Aravind –
  7. Ashok Vardhan –
  8. Guilherme –
  9. Karthik –
  10. Marcelo B Carvalho –
  11. Nishant –
  12. ridhima –
  13. Debayan Mukherjee –
  14. Francisco Gaspar –
  15. Erick Almeida –
  16. Bruno Oliveira –
  17. rinsoy.n.r –
  18. Ravichandra Karkal –
  19. anirbansaha –
  20. Ali Mansoor –
  21. Aditya Shrivastava –
  22. Sudheer Kamireddi –
  23. VAIBHAV –
  24. debayan laha –
  25. Sumit –
  26. Abhimanyu Roy –
  27. ganesh –
  28. Gaurav –
  29. Anderson Garcia – JOE –
  30. Natty Campos –
  31. Arul Murugan –
  32. Poncio Pilatos –
  33. Ayaskanta Dutta –
  34. Saravana –
  35. Michelle –

After randomizing the list we picked up first 4 participants name from the list as winners and for proof I have also taken a snap-shot of the list.

Winners of Giveaway-1 for New Okut

And the winners are 

  1. Koushik Tripathy
  2. Erick Almeida
  3. Rishi
  4. Poncio Pilatos

We would like to congratulate all the winners, do enjoy the new version of Orkut and let us know how do you find it and also share your new Orkut experience with us.

Note: If any of the winners has already got an invitation for new orkut version then their invite would be used in our second giveaway.

Below is the list of disqualified participant with the reason given.

1. Participants who dint added their Twitter status / Twitter Id or Email id in the comment

  • Abhishek – abhishekrai510@
  • Alisson Comerlatto – comerlatto@
  • Sai – saskey143ihategals@
  • Hitesh – bedi.hitesh@
  • Shruti – helxheaven@
  • Sunil Jain – sunnycoolguy007@
  • Jigar – jigar.cool25.dude@
  • Aman – aman.amansrivastava.srivastava@
  • Vishalmy – erma.vishal1990@
  • Abhishek – abhi.aggarwal93@
  • Nikhil MS – N/A

2. We were unable to verify about the Tweet because of  their Tweets were protected

3. Participants who dint Tweet about this giveaway when we checked in their Tweets

Orkut Sharing would request all the participant who got disqualified in this giveaway should not loose hope as giveaway – 2 for new version of Orkut would be coming soon…so stay tune guys !

For future updates we would suggest you may choose a Subscribing Type for Orkut Sharing to receive automatic updates.

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