Why Cloud Computing?

In Large scale organizations every employee need some essential softwares and a basic setup of all the required softwares for their computer. In this case Just buying computers is not enough for those employees rather the Organization need to pay for each software installation and Software licenses. In Large scale organization is it a very usual thing that many employees join the orgzanization and many leave. So in this scenario it becomes almost impossible to maintain all these things. Cloud computing is the resolution for this.

Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

In Cloud computing the local computers need not to do all the heavy jobs. The Network computers can do this job. Only thing which is required for cloud computing is a WebBased interface which holds all the required applications , Software and a complete setup of all the essential things. So for a User it becomes very simple to just create a Virtual environment for him/her in few minutes.  The web based interface will help them to just create Setup with your own choice of Software/ Hardware and Applications with full control of even shutting down these machines or to start whenever it is needed.

Updates (18_jan_2011)   “Middleware and Cloud Computing

A great book is published on Oracle Cloud Computing By  Mr. Frank Munz (Software Architect). Please refer to the following link for more details on Cloud and it’s functionality and Features By Frank:
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