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Many times we come across NodeManager is not reachable issue and its one of the conman issues which lot of people face it, in many cases we have found that this issue happens due to missing step of nmEnroll. It means you might have not Enrolled your NodeManager with the Admin Server and thus the NodeManager is not reachable. Hence we have come up  with this post so that anyone can resolve the same issue if the below steps are been followed properly:



Steps to Resolve NodeManager is not reachable issue

Step1) Start the AdminServer using startScript “startWebLogic.sh/cmd”

Step2) Start the NodeManager.

Step3) Login to admin-console and then see if the NodeManager is Reachable or not at the below console path

Console Path:

Machines -> <YOUR_MACHINE_NAME>  ->  Monitoring (tab)  ->  Node Manager Status (sub-tab)  -> Status: Reachable

If its NOT REACHABLE then please do the following from the Admin Server Box to Enroll the NodeManager

a) Open a command prompt and run "setWLSEnv.sh/cmd" in it then run the following commands

   java weblogic.WLST

b)Then again check in the console path if NodeManager is Reachable.

Step4). Once NodeManager is Enrlolled and Reachable in the admin console then continue the following steps.

Step5). Kill the AdminServer because now we need to start it using WLST command nmStart() and NOT using the start scripts.

Step6). Open a command prompt run “setWLSEnv.sh/cmd” and then run the following command

java   weblogic.WLST

Step7). Now connect to the NodeManager using the following command (7001_Domain is the Domain Name for example.)


Step8). Once you are successfully connected to the Nodemanager please start the AdminServer using the following command


Step9). Once the Server is started run the following command to get the AdminServer Status


Now if you can see the Admin Server status that means now your AdminServer is now reachable. Hope these steps solves your NodeManager is not reachable.


Ravish Mody

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