Jay SenSharma

Jay SenSharma

WebLogic Server 10.0 and higher releases, client applications should use the wlfullclient.jar file to provide the WebLogic Server specific functionary previously provided in the weblogic.jar file. You can generate the wlfullclient.jar file for client applications using the JarBuilder tool. Here is a Simple ANT script to Build the “wlfullclient.jar” JAR Using ANT Script.

NOTE: Plesae be aware of the limitation/BUG associated with the  “wlfullclient.jar” wlfullclient.jar BUG … It never works with WLST

Step1). Place the following “build.xml” file in WebLogic Installations Server/lib directory….
Example: “C:bea103wlserver_10.3serverlib” place build.xml here

Note this is mendatory that u place the build.xml file inside the  above mentioned location or else u will have to edit the following XML file a lot…

<project name="JarBuilder" default="run">
<property name="bea.home" value="C:/bea103"/>
<property name="wl.home" value="${bea.home}/wlserver_10.3"/>

<path id="main.class.path">
<pathelement path="${bea.home}/modules/com.bea.core.utils_1.4.0.0.jar"/>
<pathelement path="${bea.home}/modules/com.bea.core.jarbuilder_1.2.0.0.jar"/>
<pathelement path="${java.class.path}"/>

<target name="run">
<echo message="***ANT Script should run from inside the ${wl.home}/server/lib *****" />
<echo message="***** ********* ********* *****" />
<java classname="com.bea.jarbuilder.JarBuilder">
<classpath refid="main.class.path"/>
<jvmarg value="-d ${wl.home}/server/lib -jar wljarbuilder.jar"/>

Step2). Modify th Properties defined in the ANT script according to your Installation directory:
<property name=”bea.home” value=”C:/bea103″/>
<property name=”wl.home” value=”${bea.home}/wlserver_10.3″/>

Step3). Open a command prompt and the Run the ANT script…means open a command prompt run the setWLSENV.cmd then run Ant…
Once the ant script executed successfully…you will find “wlfullclient.jar” is generated in “C:bea103wlserver_10.3serverlib” location


Jay SenSharma

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