Jay SenSharma

Jay SenSharma

Many times we face Security related issues/SSL Handshake related issues/ Domain Salt Not found/ Node Manager Unreachable….. kind of issues after creating a Domain which spreads across many physical boxes…so This Post demonstrates that what all things we should always take care …while creating Clustered Setup…or Remote Box Managed Servers….

Step1). Install WebLogic in Box-A and Box-B in the same directory structure (Directory structure/Weblogic Installation path Must be same as the Installation Path in the AdminServer Box to Avoid Many issues…Please refer to : http://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=4243582).
Box-A   Suppose IP Address is :
Box-B   Suppose IP Address is :

Step2). Create a Domain (MyDomainOne) in Box-A then Start the AdminServer (suppose port is 7001 for Admin) of that newly created Domain.

Step3). Open Admin Console

Step4). Create 2 Managed Servers MS1 And MS2.
MS1 Listen Port: 7003
MS1 Listen Address: (Example address you can assign your actual address of Box-A)

MS2 Listen Port: 7003
MS2 Listen Address: (Example address you can assign your actual address of Box-B)

Step5). From Admin Console Create A machine:

Nodemanager Listen Address:
Nodemanager ListenPort: 5556

Nodemanager Listen Address:
Nodemanager ListenPort: 5556

Step6). Now start Nodemanager in Box-A then see in the Admin Console
Home –>Summary of Machines –>Machine-A –>Monitoring
Make sure that the Nodemanager Status is : Reachable

Steps For BOX-B (Second Managed Server Box)

Step7). Paste the Domain from Box-A to Box-B in the Same Location where it is available in Box-A (Location of Domain Directory should be identical in Box-A and Box-B)
Suppose the location of domain was : “/opt/apps/bea103/user_projects/MyDomainOne” , then in All the Managed Server Boxes you should have the same directory structure.

Better if you use “Pack/Unpack” weblogic utility to do this. By doing this you can ensure that you will never get invalid (domain salt file not found) Or Many Security & SSL Handshake related errors kind of error while starting your ManagedServer remotely. (for detail of Pack/Unpack commands) http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E13179_01/common/docs92/pack/commands.html#wp1068441

Step8). Open a Shell/command prompt in Box-B and then run setWLSEnv.sh/setWLSEnv.cmd
Then Enroll the Nodemanager using WLST command…

Syntax: nmEnroll([domainDir], [nmHome])

java weblogic.WLST



Above command will Enroll the Nodemanager of Box-B in Domain (MyDomainOne) created in Box-A

Step9). Start Nodemanager in Box-B

Step10). Login to AdminConsole of Box-A and then check that the Machine-2 Nodemanager is showing “reachable” or “incative”…Ideally Now it should be ‘Reachable’

Step11). Login to AdminConsole and Now Create a Cluster and add these both Managed Servers In that Cluster.

Step12). Now start Both Managed Servers through AdminConsole.




Jay SenSharma

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