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Magic Team Rocks on OTN

Hi All,

In a very short time “Ravish Mody”  has become the latest Middleware Magic Team member who is listed in “Top Users in Category” for “Application Server” Category.  This category includes JVMs, Clustering, WLS Installation, Diagnostics, JMS, EJBs, JDBC….etc All these things are the heart of any Middleware Application Server.
Now all the 3 MiddlewareMagic Members “René van Wijk (Oracle ACE Member)“, “Jay SenSharma” and “Ravish Mody” has become the Top 10 Users in the Application Server Category. Working on different issues which we see in forums as well as in the Middleware Magic forum we get to learn a lots of things. This helps us keep enhancing our middleware skills and to be in touch with the updated technologies.  We also encourage Middleware Magic Subscribers to share their experience and their knowledge with us so that we can make a very Robust Community for Middleware Folks.

Thanks To All …..   🙂

Testimonial For Magic Team

René van Wijk

René van Wijk

Ravish Mody

Jay SenSharma

Jay SenSharma

Appreciation and Encouragement are just means which helps us in making a better world and to boost the good work, These things can make any one dedicated to the work they do.

This page contains some appreciation and kudos provided by many of our Subscribers. These kudos really helped us to understand the actual need of Middleware Community and their issues. We are very thankful to all the users of Middleware Magic who appreciated our work , these complements and suggestions makes us work more hard for the Middleware World to provide our best.



Kudo’s from your subscribers:

Fantastic Rene , This was wonderful post . i tried it worked simply cool (with some my own modifications though)

Ravish ,Thanks for the excellent post and it worked like a charm . Earlier Jay helped to deploy multiple applications to local box and with this I am able to deploy multiple applications to remote box with in minutes and it works like a charm .
I really appreciate you guys for the time spent on the forum and the way immediate response we get here , Even we dont get this kind of response from Oracle support itself . I really thank u guys for the errort. hats off guys . . . Keep rocking

Thanks Jay
That is really a quick response. I believe better than what we get at Oracle Support…..:)

Rene,I have become a fan of yours… Hats off to guys, great stuff, great articles, great knowledge sharing this is a true magical site.

Thanx for sharing Ravish 😀
It is good to be back! I really like Weblogic and developing but i think there is a lot that i need to learn and you and Jay are the best 😛
Once again thanx!!

Great!! Jay it works fine… finally i can generate separete logs, now im gonna implemented in my projects 😀
Admins u r the best 😀

Rene this post just fantastic… You have done a great job very well explained.

Thanks Ravish, just wanted to know! Great blog keep going

This is a good script and very useful. Thanks Ravish for considering my comments.

Thanks for your pervious update Jay…
Thanks a lot. You are genius.

Jay, your Site is excellent.Have good knowledge for fresher like me.I used to previously go 2 oracle forums for any doubts in weblogic but rite now just paste any doubts here.And get “quick” and perfect resolution for any issue.
Great work.
Fabian Dsouza

You guys are doing a great job ….a good place for everyone who does not remember what have been done perhaps resolved in past…like me
Want to participate and post answer of unsolved issue…May I?

Good morning Ravish
Another good explanation with a simple example.

Jay SenSharma, I am able to deploy now without any issues.
Thanks a lot.
This site is of great help to me. 🙂

Thanx dude, it’s clear now!! Great Blog!

seriously man, i love you jay – great work on this website and serious weblogic knowledge is impressive!
aj akain

Thanks Jay …. Appreciate your help!!!

I was very much impressed by reading your blog.
Great stuff and great dedication. Love it.
Keep it up.

Yeah – that works for me.
Thanks alot Jay.

Thanks Jay!!
This is a wonderful site for all weblogic related queries.. Thanks a lot!!

Thanks for the good walkthrough.
you may know that you can look into a queue with the admin console but there is also a way to see the topic-messages there. To do that you have to create a durable subscriber to that topic in the console and then you can see the messages there.
Wanted to add that you website is a real gem for weblogic users! Kudos!

Very good blog, in fact lot of technical knowledge. I had been watching your answers in Oracle Forums.
Thanks for sharing the knowledge.
Vijay Bheemineni.

Thank you joy sir.
The code helped a lot.
Vidya Mahale

Thanks for your reply on Oracle Forums.
I just want to excute the solution that you have suggested for the log files… 🙂
It was very great feeling when going through the blog.
Thanks a lot for your knowledge sharing stuff..
Sharma Jampani

its cool man thanks a lot for writing it.
Avind Tiwari

Great work joy sir….!!!
All the Best.

This is really great .. !!! Thank you very much for your help.
Your blog has some really good information. I think there is a lot i can learn from you.
Thanks again!!

Great work sir as expected

Good Job my dear friends.

Thanks a lot, I will really appricieate your efforts and time you have spent answering the questions of all the developers out there.
Hats off to you. Keep up the good work, May god bless you.
You are my GURU now 🙂 .

This is really helpful,please keep up good work

Good Work Joy!..
All the best…

Wow Jay….
This is really a good example of using Work Managers..
This really helps.
Animesh Banerjee

Wonderful platform chosen by you.
Thanks a lot for sharing this knowledge bank.:)
I am sure lots more will keep pouring in.
Wish u good luck.

Good place to start.
Srinivas Koppisetti

Good to see ur blog 🙂
Keep writing…would like to read updates on Weblogic

Good work, Lage raho…
Prasad Madhbhavikar

Joy, wow!! really awesome!!! thanks for sharing this useful information.
You are really my master blaster

Hi Jay/Ravish, You guys are really doing a wonderful job.Kudos.

Thanks Jay!!
This is a wonderful site for all weblogic related queries.. Thanks a lot!!

This is wonderful, i have tried it at my end, and was able to successfully parse the XML.
Thanks, Keep posing such useful things, it really helps.

Jay… Today first time I had come to your blog. Its excellent with in detail explanation. There are many websites like myne, where we try to post solution but I need to agree that I don’t have as much technical knowledge as you. Looks like you know in and out of weblogic.
Thanks for sharing wonderful articles.
Vijay Bheemineni

Thanks a lot for this wonderful article which provides a step by step instruction to configure JMS Bridge between weblogic and JBoss.
It helped me a lot.
I highly appreciate Magic Teams work and dedication.

Thanks..Great post..after joining this forums much of ma doubts and issues are getting resolved easily.
Thanks Again.
fabian dsouza

René van Wijk
Ravish Mody
Jay SenSharma
You are done a great job for and keep it onnn

Many Thanks Ravish.
I went through the documentation and found out how the table is created.
Thanks again for your quick response.

Really a great post and extremely detailed, sincerely.

Rene, Thanks for detailed post on Coherence …

Thank you very much Rene, for a great post…….

Rene you are the MAN..!!!!
Thank you so much for your quick reply






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