It’s a pleasure to announce that Middleware Magic is celebrating it’s second anniversary today. We are now two years old today.

For new readers, we started Middleware Magic 2 years back and started as a tech blog for only Weblogic and with time we found that lot of new stuff is going on JBoss which caught our eyes, hence a year back exactly this day we had started tech blogging on JBoss as well and with it we really started making magic in the world of middleware.



We always have a keen eye on our growing numbers and it’s really good to see we are growing with time and we are spreading the news like always in the world of middleware technology. This year for the total page views hit [i.e. JBoss + Weblogic] and total social network followers [i.e. Facebook + Twitter + Google] are

Pages Views 1,88,000+
Social Network followers 1140+

And special thanks to all the guys who took interests in joining our team and we are eagerly waiting for your articles to get them published on middleware magic with your name on it. We would also like to thank our subscribers from for supporting us and our teams [René van Wijk, Ravish Mody and Jay SenSharma] hard work as well as for bringing us to this stage and making middleware magic such a huge platform for everyone else.