Jay SenSharma

Jay SenSharma

Here is a Simple Demonstration of configuring Virtual Hosts in WebLogic Server. One instance of WebLogic Server can be configured to look/behave like several instances of WebLogic Servers. WLS allows us to create many virtual Hosts and deploy different applications based on the virtual hosts. Applications can be targeted to Virtual Hosts directly while deploying the Applications.Therefore based on the request URL different applications becomes available for different clients.

To Know the Step-By-Step Procedure of Configuring it Please refer to :virtual-host-demo-sample/

Adantage of this technique is we can separate Internal N/W clients to access a different applications and External N/W Clients can access some other applications.

This thing will become more clear by looking at the below Diagram:

How Virtual Hosts Works?

What all things we need to do inorder   to achieve this:
A). Create Two (Or One) Virtual Hosts from Admin Console.
B). Target these Virtual Hosts to Any WebLogic Server. Like ManagedServer1
C). Deploy your Applications on WLS Server and While Deploying then Please choose any of the Virtual Host as Deployment Target.
D). Provide the DNS Entry of these Virtual Hosts in the System “hosts” file.
E). Restart the Server.

Jay SenSharma

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