We always wanted to see a place where we could see all the demos and features and presentations on Oracle Products in Visual form. To see how weblogic/coherence/JRockit…  works with it’s all beauty… and to see the features of weblogic by different visual walk through.

The Great thing about above link is….Here you can hear about the of weblogic features from the WebLogic Experts like:
James Bayer, Jeffrey West, Nigel Deakin……And a Lots of Middleware Super Stars

You can refer to the following link:


WebLogic Demos are now available on YouTube…  Like Coherence,  JRockit, WebLogic, JMS…etc.


You can register and share demos.

You can share your  thoughts in form of Comments and request other member of this group to help you out in case you need some visual demos.

Above Link provides you a kind of Visual Forum (much better than Textual Forums) to see the things happening.




Jay SenSharma